Sage and Moringa - Why are they so good for your hair?

Sage and Moringa - Why are they so good for your hair?

There is no doubt that sage and moringa are two of the best ingredients for hair. They are herbs with a long history of use in traditional medicine. They are powerful and can leave your hair looking healthy, shiny, and with a great shine. 


Benefits of Sage for hair

Sage is a herb with a long history of medicinal and culinary use. 'Salvia' is the Latin word for 'to be saved' or 'to feel healthy'. For centuries, the herb has been known for its health benefits. Sage is rich in nutrients, including Vitamin K, B6, A, C, and E. 


Prevents Premature Graying 

The vitamin B content in sage also helps prevent premature greying of your locks. Vitamin B aids in the production of melanin, a pigment that gives your hair its natural color. If there is an adequate amount of this pigment, it will prevent your tresses from turning grey.   


Maintains Scalp Health

Sage has antifungal and antibacterial properties that effectively treat scalp issues such as dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis that cause thinning hair. Sage also helps balance the scalp's natural oils that improve the health of the hair follicles, thus promoting healthy hair growth.


Enhances the shine of hair

Sage strengthens the roots of the hair and increases circulation in the scalp, both of which help add luster and shine to your tresses. Sage is also thought to be an effective treatment for helping keep hair looking glossy, strong, soft, and lustrous.


Aids in hair growth 

One of the most beneficial properties of Sage is its ability to stimulate hair growth. Sage contains antioxidants that can help prevent and repair damage to hair follicles, increasing hair growth. It is particularly beneficial for those suffering from alopecia or male and female pattern baldness.


Relieves itchy scalp

Sage tea or oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve irritation on the surface of your scalp. It also helps in reducing burning sensations on the skin caused by excessive sweating during hot weather conditions or due to infection on the scalp surface.



Benefits of Moringa for hair

The health benefits of Moringa oleifera have been known for thousands of years. The plant is loaded with antioxidants and bioactive compounds.


Strengthens your hair

Moringa is a super-food that contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, B, C, and E. These vitamins help to strengthen the hair follicles, which in turn prevents breakage and shedding. It also stimulates faster growth.


Moisturizes your hair

Moringa oil contains fatty acids that are essential for moisturizing dry and brittle hair. Combined with other nourishing ingredients like Shea butter or coconut oil, you can get rid of scalp dryness, itchy scalp, or dandruff and improve the condition of your hair overall.


Combats split ends

Medicinal properties and benefits of moringa oil make it ideal for hair care, and it also prevents split ends. Moringa oil contains amino acids, which can help to repair split ends by nourishing weak hair strands. 


Enhances hair color retention

Moringa has a specific protein that coats the hair shaft. This seed also has a high influence and is an innovation in hair care. The presence of antioxidants in vitamin C delays the loss of melanin pigment important for hair color.


Promotes hair growth

Moringa leaf extract can stimulate the growth of new cells in the body. It can help reverse the effects of aging by making sure the cells in your body function properly. As a result, it will stimulate new hair growth if you have thinning hair or are experiencing hair loss.



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