ADORA was established in 2019 with a focused vision in heart, i.e., to make ‘Pampering & Beauty’ accessible to everyone by providing a one-stop destination for all the beauty-aid that everyone desires and deserves.

At Adora we recognize and believe in the benefits of using what Nature has blessed us with. The same is reflected in all our products as every product created using 100% natural plant-based, wild-crafted, organic, pure, and handpicked ingredients. At Adora we believe in the healing powers of the ingredients offered by our planet Earth, for all that has life! We have worked towards establishing the right synergy by carrying out diligent research.

All our products are created after immense research and are formulated, tried, and tested hygienically following virtuous and righteous practices. This makes out products ‘Healthy, Effective and Safe to use. At Adora, we ethically source the finest ingredients from the rich Indian terrane and manufacture products in small batched using the fresh ingredients on daily basis to ensure freshness and quality.

Our MISSION is simple, “To create an honest, transparent, 100% natural, organic and unadulterated blend of products with absolute ZERO chemical interaction and an essence of love and utmost devotion, from INDIA”.




ADORA’s hair care products are Triclosan, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Alcohol, Artificial Colours, Pegs, Phthalates, Synthetic Fragrances, and Slss free.

To create unique and efficient products we have sourced the finest, rarest, and exotic ingredients. We took the holistic practice long held by the INDIAN community – known for their luscious, healthy & healing benefits; be it Hair, Face, or Body and combined it with the modern-day approach to formulating the best products. The components are processed in a way that retains their nourishing property and this ensures that the array of vitamins and minerals are intact and easily transferred onto the hair, face, and body.

Every ingredient that is used in the formulation of our products are thoroughly researched and watchfully selected for their promising properties and subsequently processed with unadulterated organic virgin coconut oil and blended with various roots, herbs, flowers, and essential oils: all certified ‘organic’.


Adora takes pride in declaring all its products are 100% NATURAL & UNADULTERATED which makes them safe to use. There are many beauty and hair care brands today that use harmful chemicals in their products like PARABEN, SODIUM LAURYL SULPHATE (SLS), TRICLOSAN, PHTHALATES & OXYBENZONE. Whereas at Adora we keep chemicals at the bay and create products organic products